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Safety Info

Your child's safety is our top priority, and we are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for everyone. Please take a moment to review some important safety information to ensure the well-being of our students, staff, and the broader school community. Help us to reinforce good safety habits. 

Arrival and Dismissal Rules: If your child walks to and from school, teach them the safest and direct route to school. Remind your child to cross the street only at crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing. Instruct your child not to talk to strangers and go directly to and from home and school.
If you drive your child to school, please observe speed limits when dropping your child off or waiting for your child. It is best to park your car and escort your child to the front gate. Drop-off or pick-up your child only on the school side of the street. Avoid double parking and dropping off and picking up your child in the middle of the street. Additionally, do not have your child walk through the staff parking lot unsupervised. Students should enter and exit through the front gate only.

Sick Policy: We kindly request that you keep your child at home if they are feeling unwell. This includes symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, bad cough or any other signs of illness. Please consult with a healthcare professional and notify the school if your child tests positive for COVID-19 or any other contagious illness.

Healthy Habits: Promote healthy habits like washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and wearing mask, if desired.

Emergency Contact Information: Ensure that your emergency contact information is up to date in our records. In case of any unforeseen situations, we need to be able to reach you promptly.

Closing of School During an Emergency: In the event of natural disasters or civil crises, the decision to close the school for an emergency will be made by school administrators, in collaboration with local authorities and public health officials. The closure announcement will be communicated through official channels, including Parent Square, school website, phone calls, emails, and local media. It is important that you provide us with your current contact information.

Release of Students: Please secure permission through the office to withdraw your child from school during school hours. Teachers are not permitted to release children for any reason, parents must meet their child in the office before departure. No one is allowed to enter or exit school grounds during school hours without permission of the office. ID is required for pick-up.
The names of any persons to whom a child may be released must appear on the enrollment form. Your child will not be released to anyone whose name is not recorded on the enrollment form. Additionally, your child will not be released to anyone younger than 18-years old.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety matters, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can ensure a successful and secure school year.